Streaming Live Everyday

I have started streaming on Twitch. You can find me on Facebook at my gaming page. . or on twitch at You can also follow me on insta … . Thank you soo much for reading the blog. you can also fine me on tumblr at

Resident Evil 2 Review

Genre: Survival Horror,Remake For Christmas my brother gifted me Resident Evil 2 for PC on Steam. I absolutely loved playing this game minus a few things I didn’t like about it. I am including the plot to this game based on wikipedia for you before I get into my thoughts. Plot: The game is set …

Introducing Brendan Aurabolt with the assist!

Hi, all. Brendan Aurabolt here. I’m a friend of Agamergirl’s and am helping her get this blog up and running. I figure I introduce myself for those who don’t know who I am. Before I continue I do go by many names online. The three most common are Brendan2k5, Brendan Aurabolt and just Aurabolt. Anyone …

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