Unsatisfied Customer

On March 21st I ordered a UTA from Tokyo Ghoul Custom tumbler cup i had it especially made for me in black and red glitter with Uta’s face and the Tokyo Ghoul title on it. I waited and waited, the turn around time for the cup was suppose to be 5-7 weeks and here it is on August 9th and I have yet to get the cup and i had to go and say that her business performance was lacking. I do multiple reviews on anime’s and even some games but yet this is the first time i had to do a review on someone’s performance. Thankfully i tried to post it to her facebook page and it goes through the moderator which means she finally saw it and i should have my refund back tonight. I realize that a small amount is just chump change to some people and i can say i ordered this cup when my taxes came in so at the time i was spoiling myself with one little anime thing.

Hopefully no one else goes through this and if you do just continue to annoy/bug the person til you finally get the result you need/want. Have a wonderful day, night, morning wherever you may be.

Published by agamerzgirl

I am a mother, wife, gamer, twitch streamer, and anime lover. I have a long past that makes me who i am today.

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